Our authors have a vision, and so do we. Our one-on-one service ensures that our services and the final product match as closely to the author’s vision as possible. We offer a full range of editing services including structural and copy editing.  We follow the 5 Cs, which is to make the copy clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent.  Queries usually arise for an author if a sentence is unclear or an assertion raises doubt. Through email, telephone, Skype or face-to-face communication we will ensure that the product meets the vision within a reasonable budget and deadline. From government department reports to Corporations Law, our services cover any and all material! We can edit in either hard-copy or digital format and our cutting edge techniques will ensure that you receive the best product possible.


“Puddingburn Publishing Services never fail to meet our requests for indexing and other publishing support. I rely on their professionalism in the supply of high quality legal indexes. Puddingburn also supply editorial services when we exhaust our in-house supply, it is like having an offsite office that can help you to meet your publishing deadlines.”

LW, Sydney

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  • 30 years’ experience
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