Indexes are the fundamental navigation tool for any literature. The index is intended to help the reader, researcher, or information professional locate information, so as professional indexers, we act as a liaison between the text and its ultimate user. With over 30 years of indexing experience, we offer an exemplary quality of work in a broad range of fields. This includes legal and academic textbooks, scholarly works, looseleaf services, cookbooks, nursing textbooks, children’s encyclopaedias, biographies and a variety of non-fiction and lifestyle titles. We have developed in-house indexing software that is utilised to ensure perfection in the final product. Our range of experience is vast and we are willing to engage in any job! We provide our indexes for both electronic and hard copy specifications. Our hardworking team can create a high quality index in any timeframe and work within your production timeline.  As indexers occupy the last stage of typographic production before publication, we often detect errors which can be transmitted for correction prior to publication, thus providing a free proofread as well!




“I’ve been a textbook editor for over 25 years and Puddingburn has been there with me every step of the way. Not only do they provide high quality editorial and indexing services, they’re also a pleasure to deal with.”

CB, Sydney

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